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Jesse Lear Bass Lessons

Looking to level up your bass playing?

I teach both acoustic and electric bass students as well as songwriters. All ages and levels are welcome - from beginner to advanced. I can travel to you or go virtual for your lessons.

Have a song you’re dying to learn on bass? Let’s learn it. Looking to lock in your bass groove? Let’s lock it in. Want to play incredible walking bass lines? Let’s walk. Love classical music? Me too! Struggling with music theory for your songwriting? I’m here to help.

Jesse Lear Bass Lessons

When studying with me, we prioritize what you are excited to learn first. I'm here to guide you where you want to go as well as help you ask questions to stay curious and find answers. If I can get you to walk away from a lesson eager to learn more, then the rest takes care of itself. You will surpass your goals in no time. Many teachers have a set, restrictive curriculum they like to teach, which doesn't work for all students. I love creating each student's songs and supplementary exercises around their expressed interests. This offers a more personalized approach. My extensive background in performing and writing for jazz, soul/R&B/funk, pop/rock, classical, and other music genres can help you on your individual musical journey.

Jesse Lear Bass Lessons

Not sure whether in-person or virtual lessons is right for you?

Why virtual?

  • Got a busy schedule? Virtual lessons can allow you to learn anytime.

  • Always on the go? Now you can take your virtual lessons with you anywhere.

  • Enjoy the comfort of your home? Virtual lessons lean into this.

  • Not from Chicago? Let technology bridge the gap.

Why in-person?

  • Enjoy in-person interaction? In-person lessons can keep you engaged through a traditional style of learning. 

  • Tactile learner? An in-person approach to music would be best for you.

  • Need a more focused learning environment? In-person lessons provide that.

  • Live in Chicago? I can come to you to teach.

If you're interested in lessons, reach out below:

Jesse Lear Bass Lessons
Jesse Lear Bass Lessons
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